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July 1, 2012
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The steam from the hot bucket of water was visible today as you dunk the floor brush in and out, scrubbing the cold stone floors of the estate. Never in your life did you expect to become a servant to Edelstein's.

You were still heir to family's fortune, once part of a high class of aristocrats that ruled the land east of here. As a young child, you had no cares about anything until that dreadful night came.

It happened so fast. One moment you were sleeping in your warm bed when the windows exploded. They appeared, moving swiftly and killing anyone in sight. These creatures feasted on the blood of others: Vampires. From your bed, you woke, hearing the screams of the servants and family, yelling to the Lord to save their souls. You remember your father barging into your room, sweat mixed with blood and tears ran down his face as he held the door closed. He tossed a particular item on your bed. It was in a worn brown sac, tied in red string. His last words to you still rang in your head today, clear as ever, "You are this land's last hope. Take it and run. One day, you'll know when to use it." You never disobeyed your father's commands and as he sacrifices him to save you, you and brown sac disappeared through the window and into the words. Still considered a child, you're bravery was strong as you ran through the woods, not caring where you were going. You started to get tired after a while and needed to find shelter to rest. Before your best friend left, you two used to play in the woods together. However, you would never get lost because he always had little markers to symbolize where you were. You look around in the dark for a piece of torn tied to a tree trunk. You even remember that day when Gilbert turned three hues of red when you ripped the hem of your dress to gain a new marker. This would indicate your two's favorite hiding spot, an old abandon cottage. The roof was falling apart and it was pretty small but only the two of you knew about it so it was special. Your hand glides across each of the tree trunks, hoping to find that cloth. Finally, your hand finds something not belonging to nature tied to a tree. It even felt like the material made from that dress. You head in the direction the knot was facing and sure enough, you came upon the cottage. The door creaked loudly for moving it a few inches. You went to go hide the sac first before you rested. It was special and though you wanted to see what was inside, you were too tired to untie the knot. You crawled your tiny hands under the cast iron stove and slipped the sac through the hole in the floor, allowing it fall under. You then curl up in the old rocking chair and fell asleep.

That would be your downfall because in the neighboring land over, the Edelstein's captured you in order to gain control over your land. Since you were still young, you had no control over the situation and soon became a servant to this house. It was stated in your father's will that only when you become of age that you are to be married in order to become the new ruler of the land. While it sounds easy, you just couldn't sell yourself off to anyone that you didn't love, you were the kind of girl that was considered too stubborn for their own good. Plus, how could you meet anyone when you were locked up in this manor all the time? Until then, the land belong to no one.

Today's work was boring so while you scrubbed the floors, you hummed lightly to yourself a gentle tune your mother used to sing to you. Even the other servant complemented you on your voice, saying it was a voice from the heavens.

You can hear the echoing of footsteps coming from the down the hall. It was the head of the estate, Lord Edelstein. He was an older looking man, must have been in his fifty's, balding and was force to walk with a cane due to bad joints. He was the man that captured you. He and some other fellow stopped in front of you, awaiting your greetings to them. You swallowed your pride even though you would prefer a beating than give in. You get up from the floor, dusting your rag of a dress off, curtsying to the Lord, "Good afternoon Lord Edelstein." You can feel the vomit in the back of your throat whenever you said that name.

"Same to you ___." He huffed, raising his head to you as if to look down upon you even more. "Today I have a task for you." The older gentleman gestured his hand to the younger looking fellow. He must have been around your age and compared to the Lord, he was much nicer to look at. You could even argue that he was cute. "This is my son, Master Roderich  Edelstein." Since he was the Lord's son you greeted him the same way as if he was the Lord. "Good afternoon Master Roderich." You curtsy your skirt once again. At least this time, you didn't feel sick to your stomach saying his name.  The Lord continued, "I command for you to accompany my son. He wishes to see the village and I can't think of anyone greater to go with than you."

"Me, sir?" You ask, pointing at yourself. What in the world was he thinking? You? Accompany him? "That is correct young ___." Lord Edelstein stated, clicking his cane against the ground, "you see, there have been sighting of vampires about and I refuse to have anything happen to my son." You held onto your poker face as he rambled on and on about how important it is to keep the heir to this land safe. After a while, you tuned him out as you thought to yourself, "So, I'm the sacrificial lamb if anything happens? Great. I'd rather face those beast than be here another second."

Once the preparations were complete, you climbed into a carriage with the Master and rode along the bumpy path to the village.  Roderich looked out the window in amazement at the recently dead forest around them. The woods were only because of the oncoming of winter.

You sat across from him, trying to understand why he was so excited. "You know," he says, still looking out the window, "This will be my first time outside of the manor."  Since you were sure that if you misbehaved during this trip that he'll tell his father on you, your act of servitude continued even outside the manor. "Is that true Master Roderich Edelstein?"

In his response, he laughs whole heartily. "My dear, it's alright. My father isn't around so please just call me Roderich." You smiled for the first time in months. It was nice being able to toss your image as a servant out the window, no pun intended, for a change. Your level of comfort around him grew as an actual conversation grew. The two of you chat amongst yourself about each other's life; he talked more than you did since you left out your childhood up to the point upon entering the manor.

By the time you reached the village, you two were literally laughing as you existed the coach. "And to add insult to injury," he cracked up, "His hair piece blew off in the middle of the wind storm. It flew away like a bird!" You were laughing so hard that your sides started to hurt. Both of you and Roderich's laughter died when the people of the village took notice of his presence. Hush hush whispers traveled among the various villagers.

"It's the Lord's son!"
"Who knew he was that handsome."
"Hopefully he has a better head on his shoulders than his old man."
"Wonder why he's here."
"Is that his servant?"
"Must be. Look at how she's dressed."
"She's beautiful."
"Such a waste no? To have such a pretty face and having to work there."
"Maybe she'll be his wife?"

It was rather odd having all these low tone voices murmuring things about you. You were still dressed in rags while he was dressed in the finest of clothes only rich people could afford. You lashes flutter a few times as pale cheeks floor with color. You feel a hand rest upon your shoulder. It was Roderich's and he made sure that there is nothing to worry about. "Let them talk." He whispers into your ear, now burning hot with each passing word. He grabs your hand and leads you off for an exploration of the village.

The sun starts to set by the time you finish your tour. The Master was excited the whole time, questioning almost everything that was not seen at manor. From the cows to the water well, he was curious about everything and you helped him answer all his questions.  

The driver of the coach suggests that you and the young master should start heading home now but Roderich stops him. "There is one last place I want to check. It was not open earlier but now it seems people are entering the place now. I wish to see this place known as a pub." Both you and the driver sigh. While you had fun being with him, you were tired and wanted to sleep. Since he had power over you, also note he dragged you in by your wrist, you had no choice but stay a bit longer.

The pub was filled with a lot of men and a few loose women. Some starting to get drunk, some already passed out. The two of you were already old enough to enter so there were no problems there.  He leads you to an empty table off on the side. "I'll order us some drink." He smiles, disappearing into the crowd of commoners. You sigh to yourself.

"You'll just be wasting your money. I'm not going to drink it anyway." A few moments later, the Lord's son reappears with two mugs of the drunk potion. You smile politely but only held onto the cup, allowing your fingers to lace one another around it. The both of you continue on idling chatting about this and that. Time flies and soon the sun is gone from sight.

The live music of the band and the roar of laughter and chatter filled the pub. It was only when one of the villagers rushed through the front door, screaming his head off did the place of business fall into an ill silence. "They're back I tell you! They're back and hungry! Run! RUN!" The man had his hand over his neck but it was not enough to save him from death. He collapsed on the floor, dead as a door nail. The place filled with hysteria. People were running, screaming, glasses were breaking and you took the moment of opportunity to run. In a way, you were hoping for this. Countless times you tried to escape the manor but were always captured in the end.

Roderich turned his head for one second, but then looked at you to say, "Don't worry, I'll protect you my friend." But you were already gone. You vanished from the table and weaved yourself through the crowed of panicked people. The front door was already crowded with villagers so you decide to take the back way through the kitchen of the pub. The traffic there was every light. Before leaving, you look out the window to see what was going on. The dead man on the floor was right. The vampires were running loose. Catching people, preying on them like little helpless animals, the vampires showed no mercy.

"I…I can't go out there unarmed."

You're shocked at what you were saying. Any normal person would try to run but you had the will to fight them. Well, it sounded like a better plan anyway than going into the madness unprotected. You search around the kitchen quickly, finding something light but deadly. A plain old kitchen knife will have to do. You stick inside your boot and move slowly towards the door. You didn't move because you were scared but because you were smart about the situation at hand.

When the coast looked cleared, you book it out the door and into the streets. Shrikes of murder filled the background as the smell of death lingered in the air. You dodge through crowds, pass in-between building and zipped along the cobble stone road until you reached the village's edge. You bend over, your hands on your knees as you catch your breath. The village is lit up with flames, silhouettes of flying monsters dance in the light. "I'm sorry Roderich," You say in your mind, "But I'm no one's servant."

"My! What do we have here? Lost my little song bird?"

A voice teased you from behind, one not familiar to your ears. Before you even had a moment to react, the world turned black and you began a limb body on the ground.
I was having some writer's block with Coffee Stains so I started to work on my other piece until I finalize the next chapter.

Prussia of my weakness. :iconnosebleedplz:

Another series of mine. Stay tuned for more!

Okay, I'm gonna pass out now.

Next -> [link]
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