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Vamp!PrussiaXReader: Lost in Blood V
You woke up and the first thing you notice was the bitter cold of the room. The stone floors stung against your bare skin. You quick wrapped your arms around your body, shivering.
"Doesn't surprise me he did that to you."
You couldn't tell where the voice was coming from nor could you figure out who it was. The room was pitch black and with everything that happened up to this point, your mind was still in a delusional state. Nor did the echoing from the walls helped your head ache either.
"W-w-w-who's t-t-th-th-th-th there?" You stuttered between your clicking teeth.
"Let me take a look at you." You hear the voice getting closer. Two hands cupped your already cold face but still couldn't see or hear correctly. You felt your head be turn slightly to each side. It was like being checked over by the local doctor in town when you were younger.
"Looks like temporary blindness."
"Wh-w-w-what?" You weakly said. "From tea in my face? That's..."
"Can be caused by extreme heat and a bit of poiso
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Vamp!PrussiaXReader: Lost in Blood IV
The echoing sound of the cane against the dark wooden desk filled the study; it cause all nerves to be unsettling.
"Not only did you disobey my orders but you also thought you could run away?!" Lord Edelstein was red in the face. Even with the ill lit room, you could tell this was his pure form of hate towards you. You dared not say a word. As much as you wanted to leap across that desk and slap him, you knew that this time could lead you into deep trouble or worse. So instead, you stood there, shoulders stiff and hands laced together in a tight form.
The other maid in the room was shaken to fear. Literally. As the Lord continued to scream and rant about you leaving his son behind and such, the other maid attempted to pour the tea for the Lord. It was more on the tray than the actual cup. You kept looking at the other maid. Poor girl, having to be in the same room as you with this mad......
Your attention quickly turned back t
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Vamp!PrussiaXReader: Lost in Blood III
After a short night's rest from a night of terror, you continue your life as a servant at the manor. Among the pile of laborious task for today, it was your job to sweep the various walkways outside along the building. There was a slight chill in the air; the oncoming of winter was starting. As you push open the doors to the court yard, you notice the fog rolling in thick blocking everything within a two yard radius. This also included the sun.
You sigh. The pathways were buried with dirt and leaves. "This will never get done." You think this is probably punishment for yesterday; either it was because you ran away or because Roderich was put into danger. It didn't matter it's not like you can do anything.
"If only I could rule my land once more, then maybe…" You laugh at yourself sarcastically. There was only way for that to happen and it's not like there was anyone suitable for you so until then, your dream of returning to a normal life was nothing but a pipe dream.
The sound of
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EnglandXReader: Coffee Stains V
Who knows what time it is anymore. In-between pleasant dreams, you remained on the couch literally since Arthur left. You snuggled in that hoodie all this time, even putting the hood up over your head. You left like a child wearing adult clothes: the sleeves were a tad too long, there was space in the torso to get lost and overall it was long enough to wear as a short dress. Still, how did he know to do this to you? And why was he curled up next to you? In reality, you two were just strangers to one another so why?
Whoever was at the door, they were persistent on making their presence known. You still felt ill but not as bad as before. You kept the hood up, since you woke up and looked like a mess. Eh, who cares if someone saw you like this?
"I'm coming! I'm coming!" You groan as your arm stretched out for the door. The door swung slowly as you greet your two friends with a "What?" Your voice sounded ti
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Vamp!PrussiaXReader: Lost in Blood II
"We'll need something to know we are heading for the stream here."
"Hmmm, well I can't go home with another torn dress again. Mother will kill me!"
"Then we'll use something else."
"Like what?"
"That rock over there, we'll prop it against this tree."
"That thing is huge! Do you think we can push it over there?"
"With someone this awesome, hell yeah!"
"Gil! Ha ha ha! It doesn't matter how strong you are…oh let me help."
"You? Help?"
"A second person will add more power. Push Gil!"
"I'm trying ___!"
"Alright, now for the finishing touches."
"What are you craving into it?"
"A bird."
"Why a bird?"
"Because it'll confuse people!"
"You're so weird!"

The sound of a slow running stream woke you up from the dreams of the past but something inside told you to not appear awake. Your eyes remained shut as you allowed your other sense to take over. The wind danced about, bring about the leaves to lightly crash into one another. The trickle of the stream was oddly loud; you assu
:iconrowsoforchids:RowsofOrchids 60 25
Vamp!PrussiaXReader: Lost in Blood
The steam from the hot bucket of water was visible today as you dunk the floor brush in and out, scrubbing the cold stone floors of the estate. Never in your life did you expect to become a servant to Edelstein's.
You were still heir to family's fortune, once part of a high class of aristocrats that ruled the land east of here. As a young child, you had no cares about anything until that dreadful night came.
It happened so fast. One moment you were sleeping in your warm bed when the windows exploded. They appeared, moving swiftly and killing anyone in sight. These creatures feasted on the blood of others: Vampires. From your bed, you woke, hearing the screams of the servants and family, yelling to the Lord to save their souls. You remember your father barging into your room, sweat mixed with blood and tears ran down his face as he held the door closed. He tossed a particular item on your bed. It was in a worn brown sac, tied in red string. His last words to you still rang in your h
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EnglandXReader: Coffee Stains IV
"It's a bit small, but I call it home." You invite Arthur in once the key was removed from the lock. He enters in, taking note that your flat is indeed tiny. He laughs lightly, "It is small." Ignoring that comment, you kick off your wet and dirty shoes, leaving by the front door. "I'll go get you a towel and something for that knee." Your voice trails off as you disappear into the tiny hallway leading to your bathroom.
Thankfully this last weekend you cleaned house, well unless you don't count your bedroom. Even as a child, you always found that place to look like a bomb went off in there.  
Upon entering the bathroom, you don't hear any floor boards squeaking. You shout from the bathroom, "Make yourself at home."
Now the sounds of footsteps were heard. He was probably heading to the tiny living room judging by the direction of the sound. You quickly collect the things you promised to bring out: a towel and the mini first aid kit. Since you were in the bathroom, yo
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EnglandXReader: Coffee Stains III
For the rest of the morning, Feliciano and you spent your time cleaning up the house while Francis managed the rest of today's customers or more like the ones who were brave enough to enter the store after hearing what went down.
You kneel down on the floor, sweeping the shards of broken cups and plates with a hand broom in the right and a dust pan in the left. Feliciano is sweeping too, only with a push broom to pick up large pieces of ruble. He's whistling as he is work and seems to be enjoying himself. The pain in your head from before came back bring with it a slight shiver. Your friend stops for a second to look over at you but you play it off. "I'm just cold cause the door keeps opening and closing." He smiles at you and goes back to work.
You hear Francis talking one of the regular customers. He kept going on and on about how Arthur was a "wild and crazy beast who came in here to only cause trouble". You look over in Francis's direction as you ease drop the conversation. You thi
:iconrowsoforchids:RowsofOrchids 32 8
EnglandXReader: Coffee Stains II
He was wearing a cotton hoodie, a dark gray color hoodie decorated with spots of rain drops all over. Overall, this man was dressed rather relaxed. He went to take a seat at a table in the corner; what was odd is that he didn't even bother taking his hood down.  You too noticed the man. It was hard to tell what kind of face he had under there but it seemed like he was looking for someone. You didn't bother engaging him, the adorable Italian got to him before you did. Instead, you rolled your eyes as you took the dirty cups to the backroom for cleaning. Francis was there too, grabbing some coffee beans from storage. As you pass him, you make the comment, "Looks like we have a new customer."
The perverted blond was excited. "Really?" Maybe your simple cold was something much worse cause you would swear you saw sparkles everywhere when you told your boss this bit of information. "Point them out for me." He requested, grabbing you by the arm, opening the door a bit as to spy on y
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EnglandXReader: Coffee Stains
It was one of those mornings: after a long night of dancing with your fellow friends at the local club, you don't even bother changing your sweat drenched clothes as you crash on the cheap bed your parents gave you when you moved out six months ago. It was a warm summer's night, or in this case seeing as it was two in the morning, a warm summer's morning, you left your window wide open in hopes to let some cool air in the stuff flat you called home. You didn't bother watching the news last night. You probably should have.
It began to rain lightly. You soon woke to rain drops washing your face for your window sat right above the bed. "AH! No, no NO!" You shrike. Thankfully only your head and the pillow were wet. You question yourself how long this had occurred but it was still early and you could honestly care less. All you wanted now was to go back to sleep but the pillow was soaked. There was a groan and the sound of a sloshed pillow hitting the ground.
As your sleepy eyes finally got
:iconrowsoforchids:RowsofOrchids 45 26

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I do have someone in my life, I love him to death but what are the odds that his birthday is on Valentine's Day? :iconotlplz: He's going to see his parents up in a hotel over in Mátra. I could have gone if I had enough money.....but instead I've been celebrating his birthday all week cause I'm a poor girl who can't go. Even he has to pay his way to go. Now I'm gonna sit at home, probably write some more and snuggle with the cat and eat chocolate until I get fat. hahaha


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